We’ve got some exciting new features and updates!

For the last ten years, ISN has endeavored to support inspectors by providing products that enable inspectors to provide better service to customers. Chris and I appreciate your support, encouragement, and vital input that has helped to evolve ISN into the leading software provider in the industry.

While we are proud of the role that ISN plays in making your jobs easier and your services better, Chris and I still get up every day and think about what else we can do to help make ISN and the industry better. We think that the role inspectors play in the home buying experience has the opportunity to be bigger. Today an inspection provides a great sense of security that home buyers are making an informed decision about the largest purchase they may ever make. However, in many cases it also adds to the list of things a homebuyer must do, at a time when they are least able to afford both time and money.

Chris and I are excited to announce that we have launched several new features in ISN as well as a partnership with Porch (who through our research we think is the best home services company to integrate into ISN) designed to help our inspectors and homeowners. We have been busy! Here are some of the new improvements we are excited to announce:

There are several new bells and whistles – thank you for the suggestions!

Mobile Updates – you can now upload both attachments and reports from your phone or tablet via the ISN Mobile.

Fill In Forms Updates – We have added a feature to the Fill In Forms area that allows you to swap out the PDF in use. Head over to help.inspectionsupport.net and search “Fill in forms” for more.

Google Drive Integration – you can now backup your inspection reports, attachments and agreements ISN to Google Drive.

New order grid – We have added new columns on the Order Grid. As an example, there are new columns such as “Foundation Type” and “Cost Center”

The big announcement today is the full launch of Repair Request List! We are excited to announce great initial success from our recently launched Repair Request List (a new feature launched initially as “Reference Addendum” in trial with Home Inspector Pro) that allows our inspectors to help your agents take the next step after the inspection. With this feature, ISN now allows your agents to easily view the possible repairs found during the inspection so the seller along with their professional agent can choose what to fix and what to deduct if any from the sales price. Over the next year as we continue to improve it, we are convinced that Repair Request List will change this part of the transaction for real estate agents and setting the standard that requires they choose ISN inspectors. Given the positive early feedback, we are excited to announce 1) that shortly we will be opening up the Repair Request List to all of our report writer software partners so that all of our inspectors can begin to use this powerful new part of our product to strengthen relationships with your agent network; and 2) a strategic partnership with Porch to integrate easy scheduling of services into the Repair Request List so that sellers or their agents can easily schedule a guaranteed professional for the repair. By integrating Porch, we will be able to let agents see the price range of services, get multiple quotes to compare for larger projects, or to get a pro out the next day for smaller projects – with all services guaranteed.

Porch was excited about being part of building out the Repair Request List and a strategic partner with ISN. In our ongoing pursuit to secure as much value as possible for ISN’s entire loyal community of inspectors, we negotiated hard with Porch for additional benefits we can make available for free. We are extremely excited about what we secured for our inspectors on top of what we are providing with Repair Request List. We will launch these updates this Tuesday September 19th with no action required from you – they will automatically be turned on.

All ISN inspectors will automatically receive a free “90 Day Miss It Fix It Guarantee” backed by Porch – if you miss anything during the inspection (and unfortunately in our line of work it is impossible to catch everything every time), Porch has your back and they will fix it for the homeowner up to the cost of your inspection service. This is being provided to every ISN inspector for free forever. You can decide how aggressively you use this guarantee in your marketing to attract real estate agents and new customers. You can also communicate this powerful tool to your customers so they know when hiring you they are protected. It is not a warranty that covers future failures, but misses during the inspection, and it covers for 90 days from the date of the inspection. (click here to learn more)

All of our inspectors will receive a free business profile on Porch so we can drive more business your way via Porch or any of its partners (Lowe’s, Bing, Pottery Barn, Wayfair, etc.)! ISN and Porch are working together on ways to drive more business your way and other than making you a must-use inspector for agents and homeowners, a free Porch profile is the first of much to come in the future. (click here to see an example profile; note you can include as much or as little information on your profile as you would like)

We have negotiated for our inspectors to receive (again for zero cost) a service called Home Assistant Gold that will be made available to your homeowners as a gift for choosing you as their inspector. This service usually costs homeowners $29/month and we have reached an agreement for this to be provided to all ISN inspectors and homeowners for free forever. It will not be communicated as a free service to consumers; ISN inspectors will receive full credit for sponsoring this service to make you look great and help drive referrals. The service provides homebuyers with an assistant to make moving easy – but only if they want it. If homeowners don’t want help or a call, not a problem and they won’t be contacted. And from the hundreds of thousands of homebuyers who have used this service with Porch, more than 50% ask their Home Assistant for help with at least 1 item on their checklist; whether it is to coordinate moving service or making sure the TV is mounted for the first weekend movie. (learn more)

With Porch’s network of partners and backers such as Lowe’s, Walmart, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, Pottery Barn, and more, all of our inspectors receive Porch Perks discounts for free – for example, along with the rest of this program, starting on Tuesday Sept 19, you will have access to great discounts such as 7% off at Lowe’s. Again, if you don’t want to take advantage of this, no worries. But we are excited to offer this to our customers and to save you money. (click here to see all of the Perks discounts)

Porch is obviously excited about being able to power repair services for agents and sellers via the Repair Request List. We are excited about this and everything else we are now providing to every ISN customer. You do not have to take any action to turn these benefits on – these capabilities will start on the 19th. And if you have any questions at all, of course we are here to help! We have team members trained on these features specifically and you can call them at (844) 730-7359 we have also setup a series of webinars over the next month that you can attend if you would like to learn more. (click here to register).

As we look ahead to the next 3-6 months, we have amazing new features we have been working on including additional marketing tools to help you track and grow your agent relationships and marketing efforts.We will also introduce new ways for you to attain more customers to make sure your schedule is as full as you want it to be. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your ongoing support and input – we are excited about what we can do together to help ISN inspectors be miles ahead of everyone else.

With Respect,
Dan & Chris