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“Miss It Fix It” Inspection Guarantee
Inspector misses it, fixes it
Give your clients peace of mind when hiring you to inspect their new home purchase. Provided FREE to all ISN inspectors.
The Porch “Miss It Fix It” Guarantee covers your inspection just in case you miss something.


How does it work?
If an eligible ISN Inspector (see “eligible inspectors” in definitions) performs a full home inspection for their client, in compliance with their designated and recognized standards of practice, and misses an item they were required to inspect, the “Miss It Fix It” Inspection Guarantee covers the repair of the item up to the cost of the inspection.
We know inspectors intend to perform thorough quality inspections, but sometimes conditions get missed. The Miss It Fix It Guarantee can assist in the process of resolving missed inspection issues with inspector’s clients.
Porch Home Services will provide the services to fix a missed required inspection item. If Porch cannot fix the item, we will reimburse your clients up to the cost of the inspection (see “Terms of Coverage”) of approved service fees they or the inspector would spend to remedy the problem with a Professional provided by
How much does it cost?
The Miss It Fix It Inspection Guarantee is FREE to all eligible ISN inspectors.
What is the eligible claim period for a homeowner?
90 days from the date of the inspection
Program Definitions:

What are the terms?

Designated Standards: The inspection standard of care referenced by the inspector’s contract, report or marketing materials for full home inspections. This must be a recognized professional association or state regulation. If a standard of care is not designated by the inspector then the prevailing standard of care will be used for all “Miss It Fix It” determinations.
Full Home Inspection: An inspection defined in the Designated Inspection Standards of Practice. An item required to be inspected per the Designated Inspection Standards of Practice that was not reported on or reported on incorrectly. An item not required to be reported on by the Designated Inspection Standards of Practice, an item disclaimed by the inspector either in the inspection agreement or inspection report or an item specifically excluded in the Miss It Fix It Inspection Guarantee.
Porch Home Services & Service Area: Home services that Porch provides and the areas those services are available within.
Professionals available from Porch: Service professionals that can be found on the system who will be given the task of doing the repair on missed items in homes outside the Porch Home Services areas.
Amounts: The amount allowed for each category of missed items. See category reimbursement amounts on the Miss It Fix It Guarantee.
Eligible Inspectors: Inspectors who are ISN inspectors and possess a valid home inspection license (where required) or association membership. All eligible inspectors must also carry legitimate Professional Liability insurance and make the policy available upon request. Eligible inspectors may not have any felony convictions and maintain a less than 1% claims history with the “Miss It Fix It” Guarantee program.
Miss It Fix It Guarantee Document: The official terms of the Miss It Fix It Inspection Guarantee Program are defined in this document.
This Guarantee covers you, the inspector, for a mistake or missing something on the inspection and is NOT about a system or component failing after your clients moved into their home. This is a “Miss it, Fix it” Guarantee and not a home warranty or service contract. If something failed after your clients moved in, please tell them to file their claim with their home warranty company if one was purchased when they bought their home.
How are claims processed? This is the process your clients will be asked to use when filing their claim:
1. Your client can make a claim by calling 866-211-4662.
2. Your client must fill out a “Written Notification of a Claim” form that will be emailed to you after calling in. This form must be received by Porch Claim Administration (”PCA” – The Guarantee Administrator that manages the claims process on behalf of the Company) prior to the expiration of the Guarantee Period. The Client must send a summary of the issue including the Client’s name, phone number where the Client can be reached, the Client’s complete address, and a copy of the home inspection report prepared for you by the Company.
3. The Client must provide an account including specific identification on of any nonconforming Professional Services. You must be able to show us that your inspection was not accurate and have a professional provide such proof. The account should include any photographic evidence of the alleged nonconforming Professional Services, any reports or other documents prepared by a third-party and delivered to the Client that addresses the system or component involved in the alleged nonconforming Professional Services.
4. Claims will only be processed after all necessary information has been received by PCA from the Client and all required documentation must be received within thirty (30) days (“Documentation Period”) following the expiration of the Guarantee Period or any extension thereof. Failing to provide the required information within the Documentation Period will result in denial of the claim. All claim decisions made will be final.
What happens after my client files their claim?

  • The Porch Claims Administrator (PCA) reviews all the documentation required of your client to file a claim which includes: a copy of your inspection report; a completed claim form; a contractor’s statement about the missed item and photographs which show the claimed item.
  • Once the PCA finishes the review of the documentation and comes to a conclusion the inspector is sent a notice of this decision for review. The inspector has the option to object to any claims decisions made by the PCA.
  • One example would be if the PCA decided to pay a claim but the inspector believes they did not miss anything and can support this with documentation overlooked by the PCA then the PCA will take the inspector’s opinion into account.
  • Another example might be, if the PCA made a denial decision and the inspector feels it is important for their business to satisfy the claim, the inspector may override the PCA and pay for the claim themselves.
  • The inspector has 48 hours to appeal and respond the PCA’s notice of claims decision so the client is taken care of promptly.