Home Assistant Gold $29/month


Now free forever for every ISN Inspector & your
homebuyers for any service they need help with

What’s included


Sponsorship Credit for ISN Inspectors
Every ISN inspector will get sponsorship credit of Home Assistant Gold. It’s
as if every homeowner that chooses you for their inspection will get $348 per
year back in their pocket forever. How can agents and homeowners refuse?


Home Assistant Move-In Expert
Dedicated Home Assistant Move-In Expert to take care of any detail for a
homebuyer moving in. Whether it’s finding the right mover, fixing issues from
your inspection report, or making sure the TV is mounted for watching a
movie on the first weekend. We make moving in easy and help save time
and money. If homebuyers don’t want the help, they won’t get contacted.


5 Star Review Program
For homeowners who want help, we will ask for a review of your inspection.
And for strongly rated reviews, we’ll post online (with approval from you) to
help you gain more business.


Available when help is needed

  • 24/7 Property Emergency Hotline
  • Text or call
  • Ask the Expert – Get any home service question answered