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Cultivate These Marketing Habits and Harvest Success

It’s nearing the end of summer right now and in many places across the country, that means farmers are hard at work growing our nation’s food supply. Home inspection business owners can learn a lot from farmers, especially when it comes to marketing. Marketing plans, like successful farms, require careful planning, good design, and consistent […]

Inspection Support Network Announces Strategic Partnership with BuildFax

Global Leader in Inspection Business Software Teams Up with Top Source for Property Condition Data in New Alliance Inspection Support Network (ISN), the world leader in connecting, streamlining and automating all aspects of running any inspection business or organization, today announced a new strategic alliance with Build Fax, the leading source of the largest national commercial […]

Switch Up Your Business and Turn on the Income

Simple changes can maximize your profits as a home inspector The home inspection industry has undergone tremendous change over the past several decades. We’ve gone from a largely unlicensed industry, with few clear standards of practice or blueprints for success, to one that is impacted by licensing boards, insurance carriers, and our all-important relationships with […]

Earning a Seat at the Table

The 4 Keys to Marketing to Realtors® at Sales Meetings Marketing to real estate agents and their offices can be one of the most rewarding ways to grow your home inspection business. Agents are the ones who drive the real estate market, no matter where you are. And it’s a sizeable market: Realtor.org reports that […]

Home Inspection Scheduling Software

Every inspector must accept an inspection order in some form or fashion: yellow pads, basic document, a web form.  Google Calendar and other digital online forms get the job done; but not efficiently.  Scheduling software must be efficient, must save you time and reduce the need to type and enter information over and over.  Additionally, […]

Inspection Support Network Login

Every customer of ISN receives their own individual ISN.  We do this to protect and secure your information in it’s own container.  It is not shared with other customers and it is “sandboxed” and “protected.” Thus, as a customer you need to know what your Company Key is.  Your company key is given to you […]

Empty Signatures and the Supermarket Problem

The Inspection Support Network easily allows you to capture signatures for your pre-inspection agreements in a digital fashion. The customer can literally use their mouse to show their intent to do business with your company. It is a wonderful feature of the ISN and allows you to really and truly “go paperless.” However, there is […]

Windows, Doors and the Sticky Trick

Everyone just loves Google! It is like a warm chocolate chip cookie and a cold glass of milk! When you ask someone “why do you love Google” they will typically respond “because it just works” or “because it is simple!” How true; the warm chocolate chip cookie is not nearly as much fun if the […]

Feeding the Business Meter with Email

In the property inspection industry general business logic tells us we need to keep the Real Estate Agents informed about both our existence and the quality of our work so the Real Estate Agents continue to use our services. The million dollar questions become; at what point does the communication transform from information to annoyance […]