Empty Signatures and the Supermarket Problem

The Inspection Support Network easily allows you to capture signatures for your pre-inspection agreements in a digital fashion. The customer can literally use their mouse to show their intent to do business with your company. It is a wonderful feature of the ISN and allows you to really and truly “go paperless.”


However, there is a unique drawback to this technology. I like to refer to it as the supermarket checkout problem. We’ve all had to run into the store to buy something last minute like milk or bread. In a hurry have you noticed you can just tap “Accept” and not sign the panel at all? Yup, it is true, in most point-of-sale (POS) systems you can simply tap “Accept” and approve an empty signature. The ISN allows your clients to do the same thing. Ergo the problem.

At Inspection Support we agree with you… how do we stop this from happening! There is a lot of technology that goes into grabbing that signature off of your customer’s web browser and stuffing it into those completed PDF files which I know everyone loves. Rest assured we are looking into ways to stop this, until we come up with the platinum solution please know as inspectors & inspector offices you have the same challenges your local supermarket has on getting those signatures.